Chennai couple got married under the sea video

Chennai couple got married under the sea video

When people think about their dream wedding, it always involves an attractive and romantic setup with the bride and groom wearing their best apparel. but in recent years, couples have ditched traditional settings and are exploring quirky and far-out wedding destinations, to celebrate their lovely day. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a loving couple in the depths of the sea tied the knot.

According to Indian media, V Chinnadurai and S. Swetha from Tamil Nadu chose 60 feet deep water near Nilankarai beach for their wedding ceremony Where the couple dived in traditional wedding attire and put necklaces on each other.

V Chinnadurai is an expert diver and celebrated the most important day of his life with his hobbies and interests. Dulhan Swetha, a software engineer, received a month-long diving training to fulfill her spouse V Chinnadurai's wish.

The bride rehearsed for a week for the underwater wedding ceremony, during which she would go underwater with her fianc and learn techniques. The bride and groom were accompanied by eight other divers on the wedding day.

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