Take a Selfie at the Plane Window at Home

Photo by: Oneroom.make Instagram

If your heart is pounding for air travel but you don't have enough money in your pocket to buy an expensive plane ticket, then these "airplane window led lights" are for you.

airplane window lamps
Photo by: OneRoomMaking

Local and international passenger flights have been severely disrupted as a result of the recent global epidemic of Covid 19 and, the closure is hurting people who travel regularly by air.

OneRoomMaking, a South Korean company, has developed LED lamps for people who have real pictures taken from an airplane window. When these LED lamps are lit, it looks as if the view from the window of the plane is visible.

airplane window LED

These LED lamps are useful for social media influencers who want to let their followers know that they are "actually" flying without stepping on an airplane.

In other words, these "airplane window LEDs" are so close to reality that "false illusions" can be created on social media by taking pictures with them.

These lamps are not very expensive and they are priced at around 30 US dollars. The following video is shared by oneroom.make on his Instagram account.

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