Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine is also 86% Effective against New type of Coronavirus

novavax covid 19 vaccine

American biotech company Novavax has announced the results of a trial of its Corona vaccine, which could provide up to 89.3% protection against the disease.

Leading US biotech company Novavax has claimed in a press release on its website that all stages of trials of its corona vaccine in several countries, including the United Kingdom and South Africa, have been completed. The results are very encouraging.

Novavax says trials have shown that the vaccine is 89.3% effective against corona, fortunately the vaccine is also 85.6% resistant to a new strain of corona discovered in the UK. That has proven to be up to 60% effective against the new type of corona that has emerged in South Africa.

About 15,000 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 84 took part in the vaccine trial in the UK. This protein-based vaccine can be kept at room temperature in the refrigerator while its course consists of 2 vaccines in three weeks.

The company has not yet published the results of the trial in a medical journal, but Novavax is now preparing to submit the data to regulators for approval as soon as possible.

The vaccine trial has not been published in a medical journal and has not yet received approval from any regulatory authority, but the company has received orders for 60 million doses from the UK, 52 million doses from Canada and 51 million doses from Australia. However, these orders are subject to vaccine approval.

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