Man Weighing 515lbs Loses 280lbs After Surgery

A man lost weight incredibly

An American citizen surprised the world by losing about 127 kilograms of weight, but you must be eager to know how it was possible.

A 27-year-old man named Dalton Musselwhite from Pensacola, Florida weighed about 515 pounds (233 kg) but lost a staggering 280 pounds (127 kg), according to a foreign news agency.

According to the report, due to obesity, Dalton always had difficulty in walking, so he was forced to travel in an online taxi Uber, which cost him about $100 a day. The citizen continued to face difficulties even while sleeping and finally he got rid of the big problem.

Dalton Musselwhite loses 280lbs

He loses weight through surgery Doctors operated on Vertical Sleeve to remove excess fat from Dalton's body and reduce the weight of his abdomen.

The 27-year-old currently weighs 235 pounds (106 kg) and is now constantly taking care of his diet. Delton has made it a habit to consume one and a half thousand calories a day.

Dalton current look

He said in a statement that he was addicted to fast food, had been gaining weight since childhood, was ridiculed at school and doctors warned of serious illness in the early days, but now successful surgery. Then my life goes on as usual.

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