ATM Skimming Pakistan | Check this before using ATM in Pakistan

ATM skimming pakistan

Several individuals in Pakistan have reported ATM frauds in the last 2 years in which thousands of customers of leading public and private sector banks have allegedly lost over millions of rupees. The investigating agencies suspect that fraudsters used the cardboard skimming technique to clone debit/credit cards to withdraw cash from remote locations. From what's ATM skimming to, however, you'll be able to spot the compromised ATM machines, here is what you'll be able to do to save lots of yourself from this advanced fraud.

ATM skimming is a stealing of card data, where a little device, called a skimmer, is employed to steal the data during a legitimate ATM transaction. as the card is swiped at the machine, the skimmer device captures the data stored on the card's magnetic strip.

Thieves place the skimmer on the ATM card swiping mechanism. However, solely a skimmer isn't enough. The crooks attempting to dupe the individuals, either place a camera within the ATM or hack the bank camera to get to grasp the ATM pin of the card user. Once the pin is recorded and also the card details are stored on the skimmer, the thieves use it to buy things online or produce cloned cards. How you can protect yourself from this theft watch this video..

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