Celine Dion performing 'My Heart Will Go On' at Billboard Music Awards 2017

Titanic fans who never let go delighted in a 20th anniversary celebration for the ages on Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, as Celine Dion played out the Oscar-winning melody "My Heart Will Go On" to check the event.

Dion made that big appearance at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and was every last bit the diva in both dress and delivery. Concealed in an outfit with a portion of the puffiest sleeves ever seen, this French-Canadian chanteuse belted out this tribute to lost love as scenes from James Cameron's Best Picture champ played behind her.

At the point when the Billboard Music Awards declared her appearance, Dion promptly conceded, "I'm more than excited. I'm happy, and exceptionally respected to be here." Last year, she showed up on the show in very different conditions, tolerating the Icon Award months after her better half Rene Angelil had kicked the bucket of malignancy. After she sang the Queen hit "The Show Must Go On," her child gave her that prize. Cher was regarded with that honor this year.

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