Pakistani Company Axact Fake Degree Scam Unmask by New York Times

Pakistani Company Axact Fake Degree Scam Unmask by New York Times

Online education business growing day by day all over the world, many of students searches an online institute where he/she can get bachelor/master or doctorate degrees in genuine way but after wasting huge amount of money they gets fake degrees which are not well worthy and accepted.
Pakistani company, Axact, operates from the port city of Karachi, where it employs over 2,000 people and calls itself Pakistan’s largest software exporter. Axact does sell some software applications. but according to the New York Times, Axact’s main business is to sale fake academic degrees through 370 fake educational websites all over the world.

At Axact’s headquarters, former employees say, telephone sales agents work in shifts around the clock. Sometimes they cater to customers who clearly understand that they are buying a shady instant degree for money. But often the agents manipulate those seeking a real education, pushing them to enroll for coursework that never materializes, or assuring them that their life experiences are enough to earn them a diploma. Company earns million's of US dollars per month through their fraud experts. Read full Axact fraud story here.

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