This is Revision - DARPA's Talos real life super soldier project

This is Revision - DARPA's Talos

Science fiction movies technologies nowadays is alter into reality at remarkable pace. Fans of science fiction and Call of Duty(CoD is a first-person shooter series created by Infinity Ward) will perceive the TALOS(Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) Revision suit that enrich soldiers with superhuman capabilities. Thanks to DARPA this super suit will soon be a reality.
Giving the world a preview of what is to come in near future, Revision Military have this week released a video highlighting the possibilities of TALOS with their suit called Revision. The Canadian based company is already hard at work developing many of the technologies that may eventually appear in a TALOS prototype, a prototype that DARPA is hoping will become a reality with the Mark 5 suit in 2018. check it out..

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