Microsoft launches Video Messaging Facility in Skype

Microsoft launches Video Messaging Facility in Skype

Microsoft-owned Skype added short video messaging facility in Skype messenger and in others smartphones skype applications on Tuesday so a new application enabling skype users to send short video messages to stay "connected with friends between calls."

In main skype messenger you can record and send 3 minutes long video message while in smartphone app, called Skype Qik, allows users to create and send videos messages up to 42 seconds long. The new service seeks to help Microsoft catch up to rivals in the fast growing mobile messaging arena.

Microsoft takes this idea and some features from Twitter's Vine which allows six second videos and the famous messaging service Snapchat. In Skype Qik smartphone app, the messages disappear in two weeks, while in Snapchats messages are gone after reading by the user.

"Skype Qik makes video conversations more simple and interesting so you don't have to wait until your next call to connect with your favorite people," said a blog post from Microsoft's Dan Chastney and Piero Sierra.

The Skype Qik smartphone app is available for those smartphones which using Apple's iOS, Google Android platform and Microsoft's own Windows Phone. Qik brings Microsoft into the scope of mobile messaging competition, following Facebook's multibillion dollar acquisition of WhatsApp. Other popular messaging services include Asia based Line and Viber which was bought this year by Japan's Rakuten for $900 million.

Source: AFP

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