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U.S. Intel Warning Of Possible Terror Attacks On US Election 2016 Polls Days

Police in three states warned about potential terror threat

US election 2016 News: U.S. Law enforcement tells CBS news that it has obtained information of a possible terror hazard the day before the election.

U.S. Intelligence has alerted joint terrorism undertaking forces that Al-Qeada will be planning assaults in three states on Monday, resources inform CBS news.

Although no unique locations are noted, it's far believed ny, texas and virginia are all possible objectives, cbs information reviews. There was additionally no particular objectives supplied in those states and no other info had been furnished.

"The counterterrorism and homeland safety groups continue to be vigilant and properly-postured to guard against assaults right here inside the united states,” a senior FBI authentic instructed CBS. “the FBI, working with our federal, nation and neighborhood opposite numbers, shares and assesses intelligence on a day by day basis and could keep to work intently with regulation enforcement and intelligence network partners to pick out and disrupt any ability danger to public safety."

The intelligence is being assessed and it’s credibility has not been showed, however out of an abundance of warning, counterterrorism officials had been alerted to the hazard.

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