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Tourist boat capsizes in Thailand, leaving 10 dead and several trapped

Ten dead after boat capsizes in Thailand

In Thailand a tourist boat has overturned in Ayutthaya leaving at least 10 individuals, including one kid, dead and up to 100 individuals caught submerged.

The two-deck tourist boat was tripping to the Chao Phraya stream at 04:00 nearby time (21:00 GMT) when the accident happened.

Video footage posted on Twitter demonstrates the watercraft half-submerged as individuals in yellow T-shirts, who give off an impression of being a vacationer bunch on board, battle to get away from the sinking vessel.

Jumpers and rescue workers are as of now scanning for the individuals who are absent. Local media has reported that those murdered were Muslim tourists coming back from a visit to another mosque in the city of Ayutthaya.

The group are said to have recently loaded up the boat to leave when the vessel is said to have hit an extension column before upsetting before several kindred vistors remained on the pier.

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