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Deadly Tornado kills at least 13 in Mexico

Deadly Tornado kills at least 13 in Mexico

At least 13 people were killed Monday when a tornado hit through a Mexican town along the US border, officials said. The tornado hit at 6am Monday, leaving at least 13 dead, 290 injured and more than 1,000 homes have been damaged by the storm.
A spokesman for the National Meteorological Service said it was the strongest tornado for at least 15 years in Mexico. The tornado was so powerful that big rig trucks were sent flying into the air and landed on houses.

At one point the tornado reached a speed of 270-300km/h (168-186mph). Most of those who died were walking on the street when it struck, officials said. Firefighters and civil protection officials rushed to the town to start searching for survivors among the rubble of ruined buildings.


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